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Does the Special K Diet Work?

The Special K Diet was introduced by Kellogg’s, a manufacturer of cereals. It certainly is one of the most intriguing weight loss diets to have appeared on the scene. It is not an expensive diet to follow, and not a difficult one either. It is claimed that this diet can take one jeans size off for adults whose Body Mass Index (BMI) is over 25.

What it Includes

The meal plan specified in this diet is said to be one of the easiest to follow. It basically consists of two meals a day, which involve consuming a measured amount of the cereal with skimmed milk. The third meal should be a well-balanced, normal meal. Along with following this, the dieter can consume unlimited amounts of fruits, salads, and coffee or tea without sugar. However, this diet should not be carried out for more than two weeks. The following is a sample of what the Special K Diet looks like.


  • 45 g Special K Cereal
  • Semi-skimmed milk
  • Coffee/Tea without sugar or fresh fruit juice without added sugar


  • 45 g Special K Cereal
  • Semi-skimmed milk
  • Coffee/Tea without sugar or fresh fruit juice without added sugar


  • A balanced meal which includes carbohydrates, proteins and fats, vegetables, and as much roughage as possible.
  • Whatever beverage (without sugar) is desired. No alcohol.


  • Fruits, raw carrots or cucumbers, and tomatoes

The Workings of the Diet

It is claimed that one can lose as many as six pounds in about two weeks by following this diet. This is not an unrealistic claim. According to most reviews, if one has to adhere to the diet in the most stringent manner, then one is able to shed off this weight. It has been observed that it is not just the meals by themselves, but more the mindless snacking between meals that leads to the piling of weight. With this diet, the snacking is controlled, and because it is a high carbohydrate-low fat diet, it is said to be beneficial in the long run. Another favorable factor that works in the favor of this diet is that weight loss is not achieved through fluid depletion.

What is not mentioned is the fact that healthy carbs translate to complex carbohydrates, not sugar coated cereals. When a person’s calorie intake for the day is reduced, it will automatically lead to weight loss. The same thing can also be achieved in a number of other ways like substituting high carb foods with healthier choices–for example, substituting a cream and cheese bagel with a bowl of oatmeal consisting of fruits or egg whites for breakfast, and a grilled chicken breast for lunch in place of a cheese sandwich. It does not necessarily have to be substituted with a bowl of cereal.

Another drawback of this diet is that the product lacks fiber. These products may make up for more than 50% of the food consumed in a day, but at the same time, these are highly processed and hence there are chances that the person may feel hungry all through the day. Too add to that, the diet lacks variety–due to which the chances of a person giving up on the diet are high.

The Special K Diet has its pros and cons, as we’ve seen. And though it might be effective to drop the excess weight, it may not prevent the pounds from piling on again. It can, therefore, not be recommended for a long term weight loss procedure.

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