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Slimquick Side Effects

Today, losing weight has become one of the quintessential factors in women’s life as they are ready to accept anything to attain the desired goal. In the process of doing so, women often commit the mistake of adopting the wrong ways to lose weight. These include, taking unprescribed diet pills, liquids, and following a few ineffective fad diets strategies along with a crash diet regimen. One such diet pill is ‘slimquick’, although effective in reducing weight has a lot of side effects.

Slimquick Reviews

Before learning about the side effects of slimquick, let’s look at the chemical composition of the pill. 50% of the capsule is made up of caffeine, required for elevating the metabolism of a body. Thus, you can very well make out how safe it is. The medication is available in three types, namely slimquick original, slimquick night, and slimquick extreme. The formulation includes the following 6 formulation.

  • Cyclovite is a combination of essential minerals and vitamins. It combines calcium, folic acid, vitamin B6, B12, and vitamin D.
  • Aquaplex is a combination of uva ursi extract, pine bark, dandelion root, and horsetail herb which acts as a diuretic.
  • Xtend is composed of black pepper and cellulose that is required for nutrient absorption.
  • Cortifem is a mixture of golden root, amino acids, and beta-sitosterol that reduces the activity of stress hormones.
  • Estrotin containing soy isoflavones is a hormone balancing complex.
  • Nutraptherm contains a combination of cocoa bean exacts, caffeine, green tea leaves, clary sage extract, and yerba mate. These ingredients act as the main weight loss factors.

Side Effects

Slimquick is not approved by FDA, hence a person takes health risks to meet the desired results. There are many potential health hazards associated with slimquick side effects, caused due to combination and overdose. Let’s take a quick look at the reactions of the body to this diet pill in the long run.

  • Sudden weight gain
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • High blood pressure
  • Nausea
  • Jitters
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Mood swings
  • Excessive thirst
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness

These health complications are induced by the formulation of ingredients in slimquick. Dandelion root interferes with medications containing lithium and antibiotics. Thus, a person undergoing medical treatment should never take this diet pill as it might result in severe allergies and mouth sores. Pine Bark increases mental irritation and reduces energy in the body, while uva ursi, being rich in tannins induces vomiting and nausea. Horsetail herb might be a potential health hazard as it interferes with the normal functioning of the kidney causing water and salt imbalance. It might also give rise to heart diseases. People undergoing nicotine replacement therapy should never consume this pill. Caffeine increases heartbeat, makes one jittery and also increases the levels of blood pressure. One of the worst ingredients is yerba mate extract. Research has shown that this herb is carcinogenic and might cause lung, neck, respiratory, and digestive system cancer. Pregnant women should never take slimquick as clary sage contained in the capsule is detrimental to health. Excessive consumption of this diet pill lowers cholesterol to abnormal levels and causes intestinal disorders, seizures, and irregular heartbeat, attributed by green tea extract. Golden root being one of the key ingredients gives rise to a lot of health disorders. It includes allergic reactions, constipation, vision problems, and tightening of the chest muscles. It might also cause difficulty in swallowing, swelling of glands, and hives. Cellulose ethers being one of the key ingredients of Xtend causes significant gastrointestinal disorders.

After considering the slimquick side effects on health, I’m sure you won’t be dependent on this pill to reduce weight. Although the diet pill will make you slim, it will affect your body with a lot of health complications. It is advisable to try a few safer ways of weight loss. Exercise regularly and go for a balanced diet instead, to meet with positive results without endangering your health. Another way is to check for safe diet pills, that are approved by the FDA and consume them only if prescribed by your doctor.

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